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Taizhou houplus electric appliance equipment co., LTD., located in taizhou province daxi town, the company specializing in the production and sales of food machinery, have fish, meat processing equipment series vegetable processing equipment series, pulping, powder, juice series equipment and bakery, western-style food processing equipment, the company has been sticking to make high quality and low price products, efforts to create brand as houplus.

The company pursues the food processing quality and the processing efficiency of the product, the company pledges to the product shelf life more than one year, completes the after-sale service, gradually in the whole

The country establishes after sale service department. We hope to cooperate with our clients in the long term, and we are looking for a general distribution in all provinces and regions.

Welcome new and old customers to call and buy, taizhou thick add team deserves your trust!



New Products

  • Slicing and shredding machine of potato XH-280X
  • Slicing and shredding machine of potato
  • Meatball machine
  • grain grinder
  • grain grinder
  • Noodle maker
  • Douber Meat cutter
  • Meat cutter 70